Z Grill Cast Iron BBQ Plate

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his heavy duty cast iron plate is designed to fit perfectly even with the grill rack out in our 7002B, 700E and 700E-XL Pellet Smoker Grill models. It will also fit horizontally in the 450A grill.  Size is: 49 x 26 x 2cm

The plate is perfect for searing a steak or doing some bacon and eggs! One side is corrugated (for fancy lines on your steak) the other is smooth, and the high edges stop oil from overflowing and making a mess. The plate is pre-seasoned and will last a lifetime if looked after properly, so checkout this video guide on how to care for your cast iron before using.


  • Never hit it with cold water when hot (it will crack).
  • Clean, dry (with heat) and lightly oil (grapeseed works well) after each use.