Ferraboli Barbecue Picnic

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Setup is easy – fold out the tube legs, unclip the latch and open the lid. Take out the side supports and slot in to hold the lid as a windbreak. Start your charcoal on the internal raised ventilation tray and put the chrome grill at any of the 3 levels to start cooking.

Ground clearance when assembled and standing is approximatelly 31.5cm from the base of the BBQ to the ground, which keeps the heat from scotching whatever is underneath it – perfect if you want to cook on a raised platfom like an outdoor picnic table.

Easy control of hot embers falling out as the unit does not have ventilation holes all way around except for the front air port which draws air under the raised charcoal tray.

Solid and compact it also has a total weight of 5KG.

Option also to add a small rotisserie rod & battery motor to roast anything from a chicken to chunks of marinated sirloin steak.