Ferraboli Long Skewer Grill (Satay Bar Excluded)

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INCLUDES Grill top

(Optional Satay Bar available which can be purchased separately).

Assembled size 115x14x67cmH

Now you can cook your favorite short skewers without burning your fingers! Treat your family and friends to a skewer feast - as finger food or even as a main course! They will love the idea and enjoy watching you cook and serve hot skewers straight off the grill.

These narrow charcoal grills can be used for Malaysian or Indonesian Satay skewers, French style brochettes, Greek mini souvlaki or kalamaki, Italian Spiedini or just simply for skewered BBQ'd King prawns.

Best method to grill is to suspend individual skewers directly over the heat of natural charcoal for that optimal smoky BBQ flavor. Its recommended to use 20-25cm long metal or bamboo skewers with approximately 10cm of skewered food which starts 1cm away from the tip of the skewer.

2 ways to use - no grill and suspend the skewers over direct charcoal OR use with grill top for more than skewers like steaks, sausages or vegtables (corn on the cob for example).


+ One piece stainless steel body BBQ with ventilation holes down the side for the charcoal to "breath".

+ Body Measures approx 115cm long x 12 cm deep x 14cm wide

+ Legs are made of painted steel and bolt on with a wing nut and bolt.

+ Cooking area is 113cm x 12cm and it holds approximately 50 short skewers at a time.

+ Internal charcoal grid inside to raise the fuel off the bottom so that the ash doesn't suffocate the fire.

+ You can use a layer of natural wood charcoal or heat beads as fuel.

+ Allow the charcoal to fully light and keep a thin layer of heat to grill on for best results.

+ Grill is made of chrome and is easily cleaned with soapy warm water and sponge. Do not use abrasive cleaners as to will scratch the chrome off the Grill.

+ This product is for outdoor use only. Do not used during a total fire ban.


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This product is imported direct from an Italian manufacturer specializing in charcoal grills for the past 50 years.

Try this method = Arrosticini! - Grilling Arrosticini originated in Italy from the Abruzzo region near the Adriatic Sea. Simply cube up 1.4cm sized pieces of shoulder lamb leg and skewer onto a pre-soaked 25cm long bamboo stick. You should have around 10-11cm of meat on each skewered leaving 1cm bare from the pointed tip. When your charcoal is nice and hot suspend each skewer directly over and grilled slowly. Allow the smoke to rise from any fats dripping on the hot ash - it should take between 6 to 10 minutes to cook. The actual secret to perfect Arrosticini is the inclusion of lamb fat in each skewer and to serve hot off the grill as a bunch with a generous sprinkling of salt, making them quite flavorsome and addictive. Its possible that an average adult could eat 20 to 30 skewers in this method at one sitting.