BBQ Spit Rotisserie Motor - 30kg

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BBQ Spit Rotisserie Motor - 30kg

More than 8000+ of these Flaming Coals BBQ Spit Rotisserie Motors have been sold in Australian over for the last 14 years. These motors were initially designed, built and tested by our own in house engineer. When sourcing the gearboxes and drive motors to use in our Spit rotisserie motors, we dismantled every major component in our samples to ensure that the best parts were used. After testing over 30 gearboxes we settled with one that handled the abuse we put it through. Due to this we now have what I believe is one of the strongest value for money rotisserie motors available in the Australian market. 

Since our initial production run over 14 years ago, other manufacturers have copied our designs. These motors may look the same on the outside, some with even bigger alleged load ratings, but internally they use inferior components. Do you really want to risk a broken drive gear when catering for your wedding or kids birthday party? Our rating of 30kg is modest and well under what the motor can handle. As load rating is what people look for when making a buying decision other retailers have overstated their motors load rating to get the sale. We just ask that when comparing motors, you consider who are the experts in the field, what testing measures (if any) the retailer has done, warranty periods provided and whether they have their own in-house technician to talk you through any issues that may arise mid-cook. 

Fully backed by a 24 month warranty, you can feel confident that your spit roast is in safe hands.


  • 240v spit roast motor - 30kg capacity motor compliant with CE electrical safety standards
  • Fits up to 22mm round skewer
  • Capable of turning 30 kgs of balanced meat with ease
  • Direct Drive
  • Large inbuilt cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Spit roast motor turns at about 5 RPM
  • Detachable U mounting fork
  • Quick release pin making it easier to attach/detach your skewer
  • 24 Month warranty 


  • 17cm (L) x 13cm (W) x 10.5cm (H) + 9cm bush
  • Weight: 3kgs

Suitable for:

  • Small lambs, piglets, chickens, rolls of meat & gyros